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We design, produce and install squash courts with glass playing surfaces in the following variants:

- Assembled-Demountable Glass Squash Tournaments Court. It is a spatial closed construction that consists of flat panels installed independently without connection to the walls of the building. The court area is formed by four glass playing surfaces, the entrance zone and the hardwood or glass floor.


- Glass Squash Training Court is mounted with connection to the walls of the building. The playing surfaces are compositions of glass panels to observe the game and prefabricated composite walls for partitions between courts.

Squash court
glass squash court

32 h.

Tournaments court

assembling time

24 h.

Tournaments court

assembling time


We can always offer a beneficial solution!

The cost of the court is determined by the specific order and depends on: the requirements of the customer,

the design of the building, the selection of the court, the terms of delivery and the quantity of courts on the

mounting site.

Стеклянный сквош корт

Innovative solution

Individual projects

The innovation comprises making the playing surfaces exclusively from tempered and painted glass. Opaque playing surfaces between the courts are made with soundproof filling. We work with all kinds of glass. We can develop an individual project according to your requirements. The playing surfaces panels are made of 12mm tempered glass placed onto the steel frame. The panels are covered with ceramic enamel paint the form of dark dots. The game markings are drawn on the floor and on the playing surfaces.

Long-term warranty

Best quality

When you consider buying a court, ask our price! ITC Engineering does more than courts making. Our goal is the development and implementation of successful projects for the sports and recreation industry. We provide all materials, labor, equipment and services in the required quantity to make a squash court according to the specification and drawings.


Стеклянный сквош корт
glass squash court

Compliance to standards

The court repairs and maintenance

Courts of composite panels. The playing surface panel is always glass. The flooring fully complies to all operational and safety requirements (EN14904). We also provide the renovation of existing squash courts in accordance with the repair requirements of the World Squash Federation (WSF)

Squash court price

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Advantages of the court

A full range of consulting services for sports and recreational facilities.

Huge experience in the field of design, management of investment projects. Our clients are "FalconClub" (Minsk, BY), "Squash Drive" club (Minsk, BY)



High-tech production with 100% accuracy is guaranteed by production lines and machine tools with software control

We use flooring that is 100% a product of the European woodworking engineering

Professional glass tournament court, manufactured by us, is made for the winners


Alexey Severinov

Long-term first racket in the Russian Federation, (Moscow, RUS)

I am very glad that a company appeared in the CIS that pioneered to develop and produce a Tournament show squash court. After playing on the courts made by the company, I can express my opinion: this is one of the best squash courts I played on.

Seun Jaiyeola

Professional squash player, (Lagos, NGA)

That's nice to know that "G-wall" squash court complies with the highest world standards. It was a great pleasure for me to play on this court. Thanks for high quality.

Maria Tsytlenok

Venue manager "Falcon Club Arena", (Minsk, BLR)

The courts produced by the company "ITС Engineering" under the brand "G-Wall" are really impressive by their quality. We held an annual international tournament "Falcon Squash Cup Open" on the glass show court, produced by this company, in 2017. All the athletes gave the best reviews about this court.

Court technical characteristics


Technical characteristics of the court:


― Playing area dimensions: 9750x6400x4750 mm (length/width/height);

― Assembled court weight; 7500 kg;

― Wall material — 12mm tempered glass, сeramic dots are laid on the playing surfaces to create 'visible/invisible' effect;

― Bearing frame of wall base is made out of steel, installed on adjustable supports;

― Door panel — 903x2100 mm with door closer mechanism;

― Sports floor is made out of oak floor modules 15x127x300x1845 mm with elastic floor coating.

The usage of adjustable supports allows to install the court in an open area with an unprepared base.


glass squash court

We manufacture squash courts and we guarantee the quality of our products. Inform us if you find a better offer and we will sell our courts to you with a discount.

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Elena Druzenko (Project Manager)

+48 787 515 221



Victor Temkin

+375 29 676 44 70



Sales: ITC Engineering Sp.z o.o., Warsaw, Poland.



Design: ITC Engineering JLLC, Minsk, Belarus.



Fabrication, installation: Stekloluks LLC, Gomel, Belarus.



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